Public School??

public schoolKids can get a great free education as long as parents put in the work to find a great district and taking the steps to know that their children know that they care about what is going on in their lives. Public school is a great opportunity for kids to get a great education as long as parents are willing to commit to being an avid part of their child’s life by, knowing their friends, teaching them to stand up for what is right, encouraging them to get involved.

Although this is true of any schooling, it is especially important in public School. Parents have to make an effort to get involved in their children’s lives and know who they are hanging out with. If they monitor their friends they are able to see that they are hanging out with the right crowd. My parents made sure to do this; some of my fondest high school memories are of my mom taking myself and all of my school friends out to breakfast at 3 A.M. when I was 16. By doing this she knew what was going on in my life and all of my friends loved her. She showed me that she cared about my life.

By attending a public school it’s well-known kids will not have sheltered lives, like they would at a private school or homeschooling. This can be a negative, but it can also be a positive. Kids can learn how to stand up for what is right, and how to show others the love of Jesus. Which are skills that they will need later in life. They also will be more prepared; they will not go from sheltered to all of the sudden being thrown into the real world.

A public school is a great place for kids to introduce other kids to Jesus. There is such a huge mixture of kids, from all backgrounds, that are looking to be accepted. Most schools have Christian Clubs, this is a great place for them to meet other Christian kids and have people who are going through the same things. They will also have the opportunity to invite their non-Christian friends to church.

Public school is a great education choice for kids who have parents that are willing to commit to being a huge part of their lives, they will be able to learn how to stand up for themselves, be a light to their community, and teach others about the love of Jesus. This is not to say it will be easy, but it can be a great experience for kids and parents who what to change the world.

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