Biblical Foundations Essay, By Amber Brooke

biblical foundationThe foundations of a family are defined very differently in the bible then how the world views them. Today’s world has many different ideas on how a family is founded and what it looks like, many of which are not biblically sound. Their bible gives a pretty clear picture of the different positions that a father and mother have in a family, how children should behave and the role a church should play in the health of a family. This also includes spending time with each other and pouring into the lives of not everyone to grow them spiritually.

The father is the head of the household, they are to lead their children and protect them. Part of doing this is providing a strong example of what it means to follow Christ. By being open about their own personal walk with children and showing them how to worship, kids will be familiar with it and follow their example. This is the same with mothers, I grew up in a household where my mother was very open about her devotion and worship time, I was always welcome to join my mom, and so it was something natural for me to follow. This does not mean that parents can force children to believe in Christ, no one can make that choice for someone, but when they have that seed planted at a young age they are more likely to grow and set the child up for success. Wives are to support their husband. In a perfect world, children would grow up in a strong Christian home, but we all know this is often not the case.

Children are to obey their parents, but I feel this is often twisted. Yes, children should listen to their parents, but not if they are being told to do something that is not healthy for the family or kids. Parents need to teach their children to trust them by providing a safe home; part of this includes the spiritual aspect. By partnering with a church and getting involved it is setting the children up to grow up surrounded by other believers. By showing kids in a loving way who Christ is, they will be more likely to not turn away from the church as they grow. It is not the churches job to provide the only area for spiritual growth, but to partner with the parents and confirm what the kids are learning at home.

Lastly, a strong family is one that does life together. They enjoy each other and spending time together, interacting and eating meals together. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian home that my family had a family dinner and game night every week. By just spending that time together I saw that my parents were interested in my life and playing an avid role in the foundation of my spiritual walk. By worshiping and praying as a family, a solid foundation is set, as well as good habits are being formed from a young age. By witnessing the adults that they trust worship, they are more likely to follow in their parent’s footsteps.

The family plays a huge role in how someone grows up to look at Christ. I am not saying that someone cannot come from a broken home and become a sound Christian because they absolutely can, but it is so much healthier for a child to grow up in an atmosphere that is surrounded in prayer and worship. Parents need to take an avid role in disciple guiding and partner with a church that also have the same beliefs that they do. Children need to be taught to obey. Parents need to be a Godly example for their children to follow.

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